David Herz

David Herz

Because people don't want to do business with a company. They want to do business with you, or they will, when I help you get to them.

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For the Business Owner

Following are some videos unpacking what does and does not work, or at least what is worth testing as you are setting up your site:

Model Z Design

Model Z design helps people apply the Canvas business model to ratchet up their businesses. Here are a few recommendations and comparisons between the Model Z and other sites in the space making some suggestions for how Model Z could be improved.

Frances Cole Jones

Ms. Jones helps people “Wow” others. She is a presentation coach, and a bit more. I look at her site across from Ramit Sethi's I Will Teach You to be Rich, which I find to be a brilliantly executed site.

The key here is simplicity. Ms. Jones' site is just too busy.

The Site Checklist:

You've got a business. You've got a website. You suspect it can do more, and You Are Right. Here's our survey for you to see how your site stacks up. If you find it's not doing the job you want it to, reach out. We can help you build a Site that Converts. I'll do a quick site review and give you at least three tips so you can make your website function better to Drive Your Business. That's a site that Drives the Business your site is supporting.

My Business Model:

The Need/​Want/​Pleasure/​Fear my business addresses/​fulfills is:

I want my Customer to:

My Customer can See my Site on his Device:

More than half of internet traffic is now on mobile devices. That means small screens. If you expect your customer to be using a small screen to access your site, open it on your smart phone or tablet, or just squeeze the page down by making your browser window as narrow as possible. What do your customers see?

My Website/​Online Presence Causes the Action I want:

My Website is laid out to Drive my Business:

I know the Power Points for my Customer's Calls to Action:

I've Hooked the Visitor:

I've Established Authority:

I've made the Visitor Feel Safe:

My Customer Reads the Page:

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